DredgePro Inc. has over twenty years in the portable and
semi-portable dredging industry. DredgePro Inc. offers the
most valuable quality one would seek in a contractor or
consultant: EXPERIENCE!!       

It is not just the number of years experience, but also a wide variety of
job settings including:  mining, channel work, beach re-nourishment,
reservoir sediment removal, reclamation, dredge and fill for
development, industrial settling ponds, residential/recreational lake

DredgePro Inc. offers 'Cost Plus' Dredging to make your
dredging project affordable.
DredgePro Inc. has experience with geotubes and mechanical dewatering.
DredgePro Inc. has coast to coast experience in the United States and the
DredgePro Inc. has experience in freshwater and saltwater.
DredgePro Inc. can also assist with "in house" and POA dredging projects.

DredgePro Inc.

Because of its low overhead DredgePro Inc. has the ability to provide
customized service for its private sector cliental.
Typically the larger the project the
greater the savings.
DredgePro Inc. can also provide utmost care to insure